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Rare Baby Names

Names for your baby that are rare. Our list of rare baby names are names that are infrequently encountered. They are not common names or names that you hear abundantly. Through your pregnancy trying to think of names can be fun, but also be frustrating. You find a name you like and then discover that this name is widely used. You want your child to have a name that distinguishes them from all others. A rare name, but one that will suit your baby from toddler to an adult.

Whether it is a baby boys name or a girls name you can view our list of rare names below. Our rare baby names are sort by boy and by girl and are listed alphabetically. We will be adding to our list on a regular basis so you may want to bookmark our site and come back and see the newest rare baby names we have discovered.

Rare Baby Names For Boys

Angus, Arnome, Blair, Brandt, Briar, Derlin, Eldon, Emerson, Esau, Farris, Finlay, Flett, Gannon, Garson, Gatlin, Gervase, Gowan, Grayson, Greer, Halvard, Heaton, Jair, Jashon, Kyan, Lennex, Lucius, Orton, Perley, Phoenix, Porter, Rulon, Satchel, Tamir, Tevin, Wylie, Alwyn, Archer, Armand, Auberon, Barnaby, Barney, Baz, Bond, Carlo, Conan, Emeric, Ervin, Finley, Floyd, Jamari, Jordan, Justus, Kenan, Leon, Maximus, Neville, Omar, Paolo, Pasquale, Piers, Promo, Rico, Vitus

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Rare Baby Names For Girls

Addison, Aditi, Adora, Agnes, Alba, Ariane, Ash, Bella, Bree, Bryelle, Cade, Cassidy, Davelyn, Hannah, Harrison, Houston, Jaleesa, Jameka, Josette, Keane, Kelsey, Lancaster, Lauren, Lysette, Martina, Maude, Nicolette, Noemie, Olivia, Pace, Philomene, Shae, Shalonda, Shyla, Tearah Amalia, Christabel, Cordelia, Elodie, Gemma, Kennera, Kiara, Kinnia, Lidia, Marisa, Maura, Michela, Mirella, Nakia, Nell, Neve, Nia, Niamh, Olga, Olympia, Reese, Rhoda, Shante, Tamsin, Tasha, Tyne, Valentina, Venetia, Viviana


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