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Looking for a list of cute nicknames....look no further. A nickname is a one that is used in place of someones real name. Here you will find nicknames that you can use for that special someone. A nickname can be a show of affection as it is a name that only you call the person. Or, you may want a nickname for online purposes, such as facebook, a game, etc.

Sometimes, nicknames are arrived at because a child cannot pronounce your name. Sometimes it is because we don't like our original name. And, sometimes it just happens that you end up with a nickname. Many names can be shortened and that is how the nickname is arrived at. Sometimes they are affectionate phrases used to describe a person.

The dictionary defines the term nickname as, "a name by which a person is called familiarly, other than his real name." You can look at any list of names and pick a nickname just from breaking down the syllables. Or you can combine a first name or a last name. Many times nicknames are given in love!

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What ever your reason for choosing a nickname we hope you find one here that you like!

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Adekin, Aggie, Aim, Ang, Bam, Beau, Bessy, Beth, Bro, Bub, Bud, Cal, Car, Chrissy, Cissy, Coal, Dodie, Dolly, Dot, Dotty, Dora, Ellie, Ena, Essey, Fannie, Faw, Hal, Hank, Harry, Hob, Hobkin, Issy, Jan, Jem, Jewel, Jim, Kat, Kate, Kel, Kitty, Lis, Lovely, Lula, Lu Lu, Lupe, Mab, Mam, Max, Mel, Nel, Nessie, Nick, Nonie, Ollie, Olive, Peg, Polly, Princess, Pris, Rab, Rosey, Rudy, Ry, Sadie, Sammy, Sar, Shroty, Si, Sweetie, Tam, Tash, Tif, Val, Vic, Vue, Will, Woni, Xander, Zana, Zeb


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