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Bible Baby Names

A selection of bible names for you to consider to name your new baby. You will find names from the Old Testament and from the New Testament. There are many different versions of the bible, but the one thing they all have in common is names. Some of the names are very common, some are cute names, and some are very unique.

The birth of a child is like a gift from God. And, naming your infant using a name from the Bible is a reminder of this gift. A spiritual choice for a name for your newborn is to choose one from the Bible. When your child asks how they were named, you can tell them how special they were and that they were a gift from God, so you chose a name for them from the Bible.

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Our bible baby names are sorted by boys and girls names and arranged alphabetically. As we find more spiritual names we will add them to our listing.

Bible Baby Names For A Boy

Abel, Adam, Benjamin, Cain, Caleb, Daniel, David, Emanuel, Enos, Esau, Ethan, Ezekial, Ezra, Gabriel, Gideon, Isaac, Israel, Jacob, Job, John, Joseph, Joshua, Lazerus, Luke, Matthew, Moses, Noah, Paul, Peter, Samuel, Thomas, Zachariah

Bible Baby Names For A Girl

Adalia, Adina, Amaris, Basthsehba, Bethany, Bilhah, Deborah, Delilah, Dinah, Elizabeth, Esther, Eve, Hannah, Helah, Jael, Judith, Kezia, Leah, Maria, Martha, Mary, Naamah, Priscilla, Rachel, Rebekah, Rhoda, Ruth, Sherah, Tamar, Yael, Zillah, Zipporah


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